The program

Thursday January 20

On Thursday the 20th all participants of The Voyage will travel to the Apukka Resort in Finland. We’ll welcome you there and let you settle in. The Apukka Resort is located in Rovaniemi in the north of Finland. Starting out as a traveler’s tavern around 200 years ago, the Apukka Resort is now a luxurious and adventurous resort for travellers from all over the world. You can read it’s interesting history here: Apukka Resort.

During an informal dinner you will meet your fellow EGG fans, who were just as lucky to join us on The Voyage. Pimp up your language skills, because there will be an exciting mix of countries present, from all over Europe.

Friday January 21

On Friday the 21st we’ll split the group in two and you’ll either go icefishing or on a husky sleighride. On Saturday we will switch the groups and you’ll do the other excursion. So you won’t miss anything.

A Husky Sleighride

Meet & mush with our howling, furry friends – the huskies of Apukka – on this daytime adventure, including an hour-long safari. Huskies are some of the most loved animals of the North, and you will understand why when you meet the pack at Apukka. You can pet them, pose on photos with them and listen to stories about the lives of the huskies. The huskies absolutely love pulling running on the snowy trails across the forests. The highlight of the day is the 5 – 10 km long safari, where you get to mush your very own team of huskies!


Have you ever wondered how the Finnish people get through the rough, dark winter? It’s simple. They go ice fishing. Join us for something truly Finnish, an ice fishing trip to the frozen lake. You’ll get to pack your own fishing gear from scratch and choose the winning lure to attract the fish. We make our way to the frozen lake like Finns do, then it’s time to drill a hole to the ice and lower the bate. Lay down on the reindeer skin, enjoy a hot drink by the fire we’ve built for you and simply wait for the perch and other freshwater fish species to hopefully find their way to you!

In the evening we will prepare our catch of the day on the Big Green Egg and enjoy it together.

Saturday January 22

We’ll swap activities with the previous day. The afternoon is free and in the evening we’ll have some serious cooking on the Big Green Egg with Michelin Star Chef Sasu Laukkonen. Cooking in the snow, gourmet by the bonfire. It’s all there, exclusively for you and a 100 other happy EGG fans throughout Europe. Are you ready?

Sunday January 23

All good things must come to an end. On Sunday we will travel back home, with a lot of memories and great experiences. We hope you have made many new friends amongst your fellow travelers, lasting a lifetime.